AREA 3E Clarifications to the AYSO Rules and Regulations

  1. All AYSO games in Area 3E will be played in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game as modified by AYSO and with AYSO Rules and Regulations, with the exception that line-up cards are not used, and that, for U16 and U19 Divisions, substitutions will be allowed approximately every 10 minutes in each half. In addition, it is highly recommended that all regions adopt the AYSO Guidelines for short- sided games. Inter-regional games will be played in accordance with the chart “Area 3E Summary of AYSO Guidelines for Short-Sided Games”.
  2. Both teams are expected to show up at their assigned fields at their assigned times. ONLY the Referee will determine whether an individual match is to be cancelled due to inclement weather or dangerous playing conditions at the field to be used for the match at the scheduled time of the match.
  3. For every match, both team coaches must communicate with each other in sufficient time prior to the scheduled match date to confirm time and location of the match, notification of officials, uniform colors, and any other circumstances that might affect having a safe, fun, and fair match.
  4. Shinguards are MANDATORY for all AYSO matches and practices.
  5. Matches must be played with equal sided teams. It is strongly recommended that teams with a much larger number of players share players with teams of less players, so that players from both teams get the most playing time possible and so that teams are able to rest the same number of players each period.
  6. In U12 and younger divisions, coaches have the responsibility to assign players to varying game position roles during the course of the season, including goalkeeper, defense, and offense, and are responsible for rounded player development.
  7. If the goal differential reaches three goals in a match, it is recommended that the team leading make changes in strategy and/or player position so that the game is more competitive and the final score is not one-sided.
  8. For U14 and younger divisions, play should be stopped approximately midway in each period to allow for player substitution(s). The Referee will allow time for substitutions to be made up in each half.
  9. For U16 and U19 divisions, substitutions will be allowed approximately every 10 minutes in each half. The Referee will allow time for substitutions to be made up in each half. U16 and U19 team coaches are responsible for making sure each player receives as close to equal amounts of playing time as possible during each game.
  10. Players and substitutes who have been Cautioned or Sent-off must be noted on the Referee’s Game Report. A Sent Off player may not return for the balance of the match and may not be replaced. Any player Sent Off from a match will be suspended from his team’s next scheduled match. In the event of any serious foul(s) resulting in a red card and a player being sent off the field, a game report MUST be filed with the Regional Referee Administrator (RRA), and the Area Referee Administrator (ARA). This policy is the responsibility of the players home region.
  11. Teams meet at the Halfway Line for handshakes at the end of the match. Handshakes are recommended at the beginning of the game as well.
  12. Any serious reported incidents occurring at Inter-Regional games will be resolved by an Area Arbitration Committee following the AYSO conflict resolution guidelines. Ruling of this committee is final.