Regions in Area 3E

The list below are the 16 AYSO regions in Area 3E, approximately representing the school districts in the Greater Utica-Rome Area, plus regions in Western New York. The Regional Commissioner (RC) for each region is listed along with their phone number and a link for their e-mail address. If the region has a Web site, then the name of the region will be a link to it.

Region Name Number RC RC Phone RC e-mail
Clinton 134 Henry Schweitzer 315-859-0409
New Hartford 222 John Restivo 315-749-5250
Whitestown 327 Megan Sheldon 315-401-0822
Deerfield 344 Scott Gorgas 315-404-0947
Holland Patent 374 Shay Johnson 315-272-6365
Rome-Lee 405 Jacob Strohl 315-533-6939
Hamilton 471 Ed Witherspoon 315-825-0175
Waterville 492 Jennifer Furner 315-317-4450
Utica 664 Bruce Broat 315-724-3757
Oriskany-Westmoreland 782 Glenn Larish 315-  
Sauquoit 792 Lisa Carnevale 315-404-1108
Oneida 840 Jim Ripper 315-271-3106
Camden 918 Jennifer Collins 315-750-0810
Oakfield 1084 Theresa Osborn 585-406-7802
Canastota 1563 Zack Stevens 315-439-6710