Area 3E Guidelines for Participation in the Inter-Regional Schedule

18 March 2007

  1. Regions participating in inter-regional play must provide information on teams consisting of Division, Coach Name, Coach or team point of contact phone number, home field name and location, home field time availability, team colors and name and phone number of Referee assigned to team home games.
  2. At each game, the home region is responsible for assigning a Center Referee and Assistant Referees. If Assistant Referees are not available each team is responsible for providing a volunteer as a "club linesman". If a region does not have a Center referee to assign to a game, the visiting region should be contacted to see if they can provide one.
  3. Inter-regional games will normally be scheduled for Sunday afternoons during the 8 week Fall season and 8 week Spring season. Game times will normally be 1:00pm, 3:00pm, or 5:00pm
  4. Coaches may re-schedule the time or location of games if needed, by mutual agreement and with approval of both Regions. Coaches wishing to re-schedule games must contact the opposing team coach, their home Regional Referee Administrator, home Regional Fields Coordinator, and home Regional Commissioner.
  5. Coaches may not cancel games. Games may be cancelled by a region for reasons of weather or field conditions, with a decision made by the home region Regional Commissioner or their designated regional Board Member. The Region canceling games for such reasons must notify the coaches of teams from visiting regions of the cancellation before the game with as much advance notice as possible. Every effort should be made to re-schedule games cancelled for weather or field conditions. Referees, of course, may cancel or halt games if conditions are unsafe at a game.
  6. Games must be played with equal numbers of players on the field for both teams. If one team is short players, players from the other team will be assigned to that team to make the sides even on the field. The players assigned to the opposing team may be changed every half and/or halfway through each half.
  7. Problems with players, volunteers, or spectators that occur at a game must be reported to the Regional Commissioners for both teams, or their designated and appropriate Board members (e.g., Regional Referee Administrator, Regional Coach Administrator). If warranted, written reports describing the problem that occurred may be submitted to the Area Director, Area Referee Administrator, and/or Area Coach Administrator.